Friday, January 8, 2010

a parting gift.

This morning, after a pretty sleepless final night in my bed at home, I woke up to find this outside my window:

It wasn't much snow, but a beautiful scene to enjoy as I ate poached eggs with mum, dad, and Niamh around the table this morning.  I've got to hand it to the big guy up there; he never fails to impress.

And, as an added bonus, my bags are packed with weight to spare.  I was all stressed out about what to bring, but then stood back and realized that anything I've left behind (or God forbid, forgotten!) I can live without.  With a more realistic outlook, it's the goodbyes with family, whether it be over the phone or by video chat with my family overseas, or in person with my sisters and parents later on this afternoon that will be the hardest part-- but from all accounts, this year is going to fly by.  I'll be back home watching the snow and eating poached eggs in no time... and what a great year I'll have in the meantime!

See you in South Africa...

1 comment:

  1. A snowy send off! You have to be at least a littttle excited for the warm weather awaiting you :) Let me know when you arrive safe and sound xo