Saturday, March 13, 2010

my south african pedicure

I'll admit it: I really never expected to come to South Africa as a volunteer and find myself having a pedicure on March 12th, exactly two months into my year here.  But, yesterday morning, there I was-- laid up in Casualty.  After two painful injections to my big toe, the operation was over in about ten minutes.  I made it to St. Leo's for the last two classes of the day, and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch with my foot up, painkillers within reach.

The bandage looks like something a cartoon character would have on, after an anvil dropped from the sky and hit them on the toe.  The big bandage comes off tomorrow, so I plan on milking this while I can... and hopefully I don't have to be seen out in public today.
It was also amusing to be strategic about hiding my foot during our interview with PBS last night.  When the show airs in May, you'll have to let me know how well I covered it up...

Photographic evidence, so you can all feel sorry for me or something:


Cartoon toe.



  1. It's difficult to feel sorry for you when you are lying casually on a couch with purple silken pillows, drinking wine and looking tan and skinny.. but i did laugh a lot at the cartoon toe

  2. hahah love these pictures! glad you're resting and recovering comfortably with your wine :)

  3. Painkillers = wine??

    Feel better. LOVE the bandage :)