Monday, July 26, 2010

because this monday needs cheering up...

Today was a frustrating day at St. Leo's.  Grade 6 has the nasty habit of neglecting to show up for class, and since most of the teachers weren't in their classrooms today because of one meeting or another, there was no authority present anywhere aside from a couple of 12-year-old prefects with sticks in hand, ready to smack their subordinates on the arm.

So, instead of posting something negative, here's a real gem from our Grade 6 Term 1 Vocab Review last week.  Keep in mind, Andiswa is eleven years old.  The kids were asked to use two of their vocabulary words in a sentence; look at his second one.

My favourite car was Land Rover but my wife says she doesn't want a Land Rover, she wants a BMW.

Great sentences, indeed.  But 4/5 nonetheless.


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