Thursday, October 7, 2010

warm fuzzies.

1.  discovering that some of the Koki pens (markers) we've been using at school are smelly ones!
2.  chick lit set in philadelphia
3.  cheese & wine before wednesday dinners with the augustinians next door
4.  being a robot sister with niamh and meg
5.  mrs h.s. balls chutney
6.  playing dress-up with the babies at st theresa's (especially sfiso, pictured above)
7.  the moment every day when philane in grade 6 asks me to "have a dinner" with him on friday
8.  FINALLY hearing grade 4 ask "please may i borrow" instead of "please borrow me a pencil"
9.  (big) sfiso's pencil sketches
10.  unexpected letters in the mail

Today, I'm happy.  I told you South Africa makes me mental.


1 comment:

  1. You forgot to include carrying around an overweight learner who calls you Auntie Sinead and tells you to hurry up because you're so cute!